The 13 Must-Use Travel and Web Hosting Coupon Sites of 2018

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Everything might be going digital, but saving money never goes out of style. If you’re a devout Sunday paper coupon clipper, you might be missing out on deals that could slash your grocery bill in half. But where do you go? Lots of sites make wild claims on saving big, but very few follow through. That’s why we’ve compiled a tidy list of the top 10 coupon sites of 2018 that work as advertised.

1. Coupon Coder

If you’re booking a trip with Hotwire, Expedia, or one of the other major travel booking sites, then make sure you check here for coupons before you complete your purchase. The relatively narrow focus of their site enables them to have the most valid promo codes of anyone on this list.

2. Web Hosting Coupon Codes

Since web hosting is such a small niche, finding updated coupon codes can be a pain. But Web Hosting Coupon Codes (yes, that’s their name) has the best godaddy renewal coupon code page around, and has tons of coupons for popular hosting providers like BlueHost, iPage, Hostgator and more.

3. VPS Coupons

Even more niche-heavy is VPS Coupons, which has collections of coupons for hosting companies that provide VPS hosting. It has a great GoDaddy page. This is for enterprise level stuff, but if you’re looking for somewhere to host a massive website (or a site with massive traffic), then this website’s coupons can save you thousands per year.

vps web hosting coupon codes

4. is considered the go-to place for printable coupons, and for good reason. It offers a no-nonsense design that puts the coupons front and center. Search through a variety of categories, cash back offers, and loyalty coupons from over 3,000 retailers without even having to sign up. If you’re more of an online shopper, said categories also extend to popular e-commerce sites like Amazon. It seems has your back no matter how you shop.

5. Groupon

Groupon doesn’t just limit itself to major retailers, but extends to local businesses and just about every online store. Some of its more popular categories range from beauty and spa to automotive, so it’s pretty safe to say this website goes a bit beyond the typical Sunday paper offers.

6. Red Plum

For those of you familiar with the Red Plum coupon book, you’ll be happy to hear that its website provides a tidy selection of printable coupons as well. There’s also its recipe and blog sections to take note of if you happened to miss the last issue.


With the holidays getting closer, it’s a good idea to consult with sites like before making a purchase. They feature discounts and coupons for common retailers and popular online merchants like Amazon. But Savings doesn’t just stop with coupons, they also offer DIY advice and other useful tips on a few other subjects.

8. The Krazy Coupon Lady

This site is for coupon buffs by coupon buffs. It advertises itself as the #1 couponing site in the world and given their passion for coupon hunting, they might be right. The Krazy Coupon Lady doesn’t just limit itself to the standard coupon clustering. It goes above and beyond by offering beginner guides, exclusive smartphone offers, and extensive fashion discounts.

As a bit of a bonus, they even host bragging contests so you can flaunt your savings and win rewards.

9. Ebates

Some people would rather cash in on cashback deals rather than clip coupons. For those people, Ebates is for you. They have an extensive catalog of exclusive codes and discounts centered around getting cash back from over 2,000 stores. If you and a friend are interested in earning while you shop, you can refer each other and earn $25 to your account.

10. Freeshipping

This one’s looking at you, Amazon addicts. Freeshipping does exactly what it advertises by making sure you never have to pay full price for shipping ever again. By shopping through their links you earn 10% cash back from their list of 1,000 top retailers. If that doesn’t peak your interest, they guarantee your free shipping by offering rebates of up to $10 per charge should you not get free shipping at checkout.

Definitely give Freeshipping a look if you’re tired of getting stiffed on shipping fees.

11. LivingSocial

While major retailers have their appeal, nothing quite beats supporting local businesses. This is where Living Social comes in. Get exclusive offers up to 80% off on local restaurants, festivals, and even appliances. Of course, they offer some nifty deals on a number of major retailers, but their bread and butter are discounts on any and everything local.

So if you’ve been meaning to try that new restaurant or get a deal at the local beauty parlor, check out Living Social.

12. Save The Student

As the name implies, this one is aimed at college students, specifically those residing in the UK. Unfortunately, their niche demographic means that most of their coupons and discounts are UK exclusive. However, Save The Student offers a plethora of other useful referrals and money advice anyone could use.

13. SmartSource

Instead of all the pizazz of other coupon sites, Smart Source offers a simple printable coupon database and a savings counter. While simple, they offer a number deals of exclusive deals that you might’ve glossed over on other sites. It’s even mobile compatible so you can print coupons from your smartphone remotely. If you’d like a constant reminder of how much you could be saving, check out SmartSource. Saving money starts with shopping smart. Don’t limit yourself to one source, explore them all.  After all, your wallet depends on it.